the third Board


Thanks above all to all the members who were active in the committees & other organs of
the association for making this year possible.”
-Cassian, Luke, Dean and Sieben


“The board year came with lots of unexpected surprises, twists and turns, many things that
I did not expect a board year to entail. I am glad to have steered the course of the association for a year, an association that means very, very much to me.”


“Some things I loved this year were meeting so many amazing people, who put in a lot of hard work for VSA, and getting to have a big influence in the promotion and visibility of our association, together with our Media Committee. Even though this year also cost me a lot of energy, I am very thankful for having played an important part in creating more connection between vegan(minded) people on campus, which (to me) is VSA’s most important goal. Seeing the candidate board’s input and cooperation, as well as their individual strengths, I have zero doubt that they will create another great year for VSA Nijmegen and I trust them completely with the association we helped shape.”


“Even though the year did not go exactly as planned, I am still very grateful for both having had the opportunity to be part of the VSA board, as well as for being part of this specific board because of the support of my fellow board members. I am also very happy that this has given me the opportunity to get to know more of our amazing members.”


“Finances are fun, except when the audit happens the day after.”