Advisory Council Vacancies

Do you want to help VSA Nijmegen be the best version it can be? Do you want to help solve complex issues, but don’t have time to be on the board yourself? Then this may be a job for you! VSA Nijmegen is looking for members of the advisory council for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The VSA Nijmegen wants to bring together students of both the Radboud University and the HAN who either support, follow or are curious about the vegan lifestyle; to be a place where you can meet like-minded people through fun and educational activities; to educate others and each other about the importance of veganism; to not only make it easier for students to become vegan, but also to stay vegan.

What does the Advisory Council do?

  • Provide the board of VSA Nijmegen with advise on complex matters;
  • Eat cake, drink beer, and have fun together at council meetings.

What are we looking for?

  • You have a passion for veganism and agree with the rest of our core values;
  • You are able to spend 4 hours per month on meetings, research and write advice letters;
  • You understand what it means to run an association.

How to apply?

If you have any of the qualities we’re looking for and feel enthusiastic about being on the advisory council, please feel welcome to apply! You can do so by sending an email to Paul, chair of the Advisory Council, at, in which you describe why you want to be on the advisory council and what you believe you could add. The deadline for applying is Wednesday August 17th 23:59. Upon receiving your application, we will schedule a brief introduction call to get to know each other.

After we have had talks with all applicants, we will select a number of candidates and present them to the general assembly (early September), where the members of the association get to vote on the next advisory council.

We eagerly await your application! ?

*We legally have to mention that by applying, you agree with a background check (‘antecedentenonderzoek’), by which we mean we might have a look at your social media accounts for instance. If you have any questions about this, please contact Paul for more information.