Winter Vibes Potluck: Recipe Secret Santa Edition

December is coming up and although we still can’t have a physical meetup, we can totally have a digital one! The theme of this potluck is winter vibes, so put on a comfy sweater and come join us whilst eating your dinner.

This time there is an extra challenge: a recipe secret santa! You can signup via the following form ( before 23:59 on Saturday 28 November. In this form you can enter a (link to) a recipe which another person gets to make. You will in turn get gifted someone else’s recipe on 30 November, which gives you a week to get the groceries you need.

There’s a few guidelines though: keep it simple, fairly cheap and something that you can actually have for dinner. I know cupcakes can be dinner, but I’m not sure everyone feels that way.

If you don’t feel like making someone else’s recipe, you can also just join us with your own food. Same goes for the people that did sign up to make someone’s recipe. If you really don’t feel like making the recipe that was assigned to you, don’t feel obliged to make it!

Eating food with your fellow vegan minded students

Jitsi Meet (

Monday 7 December starting at 18:30 (you can always join later)

Everyone is welcome! You don’t need to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to come to one of our potlucks, as long as the food you’re eating during the online potluck is vegan. You also don’t need to be a member of our association to join our monthly sharing of yummy food.


Monday 7 December, 2020