VEGTalk Session 1

Finally, VSA Nijmegen is hosting its first VEGTalk! VEGTalk is an event where we provide a stage for members of the VSA who wrote their thesis on a topic that relates to the values of the association (e.g. animal rights, environment, inclusivity, etc.). So if you’re up to learn something new, or find inspiration for your own thesis, grab some snacks and listen up!

On Tuesday the 13th of April from 19:00 till 20:30 we’ll have three presentations:

The first speaker will be Julia Kassyk, who will talk about the link between science and society, applied to the Dutch Dietary recommendations. We will explore the foundations of Dutch Dietary Guidelines, their history and connection to the population’s health and view on diet.

The second speaker is Franzi Piarowski, with whom we will explore the cognitive dissonance in people who are being confronted when eating meat. Ever annoyed by people who say they love animals when they eat them daily? Franzi will be looking at this mentality through the lens of psychology.

And the last presentation from Paul van Gent, who will explain the basics of how people tend to stereotype others based on accent (regional and ethnic) and how sociolinguistic experiments help measure this bias.

So, are you excited yet? Hope to see you there! Please sign up at:

An educational event organized by Educom, giving a platform to our fellow members to talk about their thesis.

Tuesday April 13 at 19:00-20:30

Zoom Link will be sent through email and whatsapp the day of 🙂

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Tuesday 13 April, 2021


19:00 - 20:30