Vegan Nijmegen Tour

Have you ever been curious about the vegan places??️? Nijmegen has to offer? Have you ever wondered which vegan café has the best atmosphere? Or do you just want to have a fun afternoon with likeminded people while enjoying a tasty vegan snack? Well, sounds like this activity is one for you! On Thursday the 22nd of September VSA Nijmegen organises a vegan food tour through Nijmegen, in collaboration with Vegan Food Tour Nijmegen!

The tour will showcase the various vegan treasures that Nijmegen has to offer. During the tour you will get to know the best places to study, meet friends, and bring your vegetable-hating-relative? to!

The Food Tour will cost you only 9 euros which will get you something to eat at various different vegan spots in Nijmegen. We will start the tour at 15:30 at the Klinker and end at approximately 18:30. Everyone is welcome at this event! Non-members and members alike.

Please sign-up via our sign-up sheet here:


If you have any allergies you can indicate this at the sign-up sheet and we will try our best to account for this!

Thursday, September 22nd, 15:30

outside The Klinker, Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46

? WHO:
This event is open to everyone!

€9,- (to be transferred to VSA Nijmegen before the event)

(e.g. to tell us you’ll be late or if you want to cancel)


Thursday 22 September, 2022


15:30 - 18:30


The Klinker
The Klinker