vegan nijmegen bike tour thursday september 24th 16:00 erasmusplein

Vegan Nijmegen Bike Tour

Hey y’all,

If you’re new in Nijmegen this year, or have lived here for a while but never got the chance to explore, or if you’re a Nijmegen veteran and would love to share some knowledge about the city, then this activity is for you!

On September 24th, our money-man Paul will lead a bike tour through Nijmegen. This way, you can get to know the city a little bit better, and get your daily activity in the pocket.

There will be an opportunity to get an ice cream, as well as hang out together afterwards in the park.

? When:
– Wednesday September 24th, meet at 16:00

?️ Where:
– Start at Erasmusplein, end at park Brakkenstein (both around university)

? Costs:
– Just the ice cream (optional)


Thursday 24 September, 2020




Radboud University