Valentine’s Potluck

It’s already time for the second potluck of 2023 and this time it is on a very special date. On the 14th of February it’s Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect opportunity to make something special with your loved ones, whether they be romantic partners, friends, or family members, and bring it to the potluck. Get creative and show your love through ‘hearty’ ? dishes, a nice chocolate dessert, or whatever you can come up with! We all have the love for food in common, so we trust that everyone is perfectly able to make a beautiful Valentine’s dish.

Don’t forget to bring your own plate, some cutlery, maybe a cup, as well as some food! Potlucks of VSA Nijmegen are always open events so if you’re not a member and want to join or if you would like to bring a friend please do so!

We’ll also be using an allergens list again, so sign up if you would like people to keep your allergens in mind, and check it out when you’re thinking of a dish to cook. Here is the link:

??‍♀️ WHO: Open to everyone!

⌚ WHEN: Tuesday February 14th –  17:30 walk-in, 18:00 start

? WHERE: Canteen of the Huygens building

?CONTACT: If there is anything we can do to make this event more accessible for you or if you have any questions, please send a mail to


Tuesday 14 February, 2023