Sharing Session

Hello you! 🌝

Do you want to share with fellow VSA members what attraction and affection mean to you?

On Friday, 11th of February, we are organizing another (online) sharing session. This time the topic will be attraction and affection.

What does this actually mean?

We will talk about what is considered attraction and affection. Then we will invite people to share what this means for them, and if this has changed during covid times.

Everyone is welcome to come and, if you want, to share your story.

Please keep in mind that our sharing session is no replacement for therapy, but rather a safe environment to share feelings and experiences. We also want to ask you to not discuss the contents of the sharing session with people that were not present.

The link for this event will be sent to you by email beforehand.

We hope to see you there! 💚


Friday 11 February, 2022