Secret Santa [Members Only]

It’s time for Secret Santa with the VSA! ?
In this event you’ll get to both be visited by Santa and play Santa themselves! You’ll be assigned one person to find a small gift for, and in the same way someone else will get a gift for you. There’s a budget limit of 5€ per gift, but within that you can be as creative as you like, and buy or make whatever you can come up with! The deadline to sign up is the 29th November, after which you will get your giftee assigned and have until the 13th December to find them the perfect present. Ideally you deliver your present yourself, but if you need some help, the elves of the social committee are there to assist you!
So do you want to make someone happy this christmas season (or do you just really want to get a present yourself)? Then sign-up for secret Santa!
Deadline for the signup sheet is 23:59 on Saturday 28 November!
You will receive the information of the member you have to buy a present for within 2 days after this deadline
Make sure you deliver your present at the latest on Sunday 13 December
5 euro maximum (if you have to send it per post, you can reclaim your postal costs)
Any questions or comments? Send us a message through messenger.


Sunday 13 December, 2020


All Day