Seaspiracy Documentary Watching

Have you already seen the new documentary on Netflix? Seaspiracy is a documentary about the dangers of fishing for the marine life and the impact that a sick ocean has on the rest of the planet.
As prior veganism-related documentaries have focused mostly on the health, environmental and ethical aspects of animal agriculture on land, we are happy to see that there is now also a documentary on the fishing industry.
Warning: It will be very intriguing! Also, it might strengthen your attitude about veganism.

Come join us on May 26 at 19:30!

Where? 💻

Online: We’ll meet on Jitsi first ( and through Jitsi we’ll share the Teleparty(Netflix Party) link

However you can also choose to link up with a (covid free) friend and watch together with us!


When? ⏰

Wednesday May 26 at 19:30!



You’ll need Netflix for this event and you’ll have to download the Teleparty(Netflix Party) extension to your browser. This is free and safe to do.


Wednesday 26 May, 2021