Parkour Workshop

The social committee is organizing one final activity this year, and it’s a dinger: a parkour event! For those who don’t know, parkour/freerunning is a sport where you jump around walls, buildings, lampposts and really just the streets as your playground.
Bart and Pleun will give you a small workshop, where they will introduce you to some of the basics and give you some moves to challenge yourself with. The workshop will be aimed at absolute beginners (we’re not experts eithers), so you can join at any level of fitness, body shape or motivation level!
Note that parkour can be dangerous if you really push yourself. Even though there will be a first aid kit and a person with some first aid training, it is your own risk and own responsibility to make sure you are safe.
We hope you’re hyped to release your inner monkey! If you are, please sign up here:
Parkour workshop
Nijmegen city center (keep an eye on the WhatsApp group)
Saturday 17-07-2021 at 14:00.


Wednesday 14 July, 2021