Online Workout [Members +1]

We at the VSA support a healthy lifestyle*, which is why the SocCom is having another online workout. Sitting at home in front of your laptop all day isn’t that good for you, so why not do some squats in front of your laptop?

The workout will be about 20 minutes, use no equipment, although something like a yoga mat is recommended. The exercises can be made easier if you want to, and so they will be accessible to people of all fitness levels.

The exercises will be broadly in the area of calisthenics, meaning it’s a combination of cardio and strength training and will be a full-body workout.

We hope you’ll take about 30 minutes out of your day for some self-care and join us for the workout!

XX the SocCom

* A healthy lifestyle MUST include at least some amount of zebra donut

Online workout

? WHERE (specific link t.b.a.)

Tuesday 20 April at 16:00

Any questions or comments? Send us a message through messenger.


Tuesday 20 April, 2021