Murder mystery dinner ft. Karpe Noktem

Dearest friend of the Moutôn family.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Mrs. Louise Moutôn. Three days ago, she was found dead on the grounds of her estate, with a stab wound in her back. In a nearby pond, a knife was found, but unfortunately no fingerprints could be recovered. The local police have performed an investigation, but no killer could be identified.

If you receive this letter, this means you were a great friend to Mrs. Moutôn, and to the Moutôn family as a whole. Whether the Moutôn family knows you through your collaboration in the Moutôn’s businesses, like the iron mines or the steel factories, or if you’re of different aristocratic blood, your unwavering support in the Moutôn family has not gone unnoticed. Once more, the Moutôn family is in dire need of your help.

We have five suspects who were present at the Moutôn mansion at, or just before, the time of Lady Moutôn’s unfortunate passing. However, it is impossible to find out for certain who the killer is. Therefore, the king has instigated a trial by jury, with me, the Moutôn’s family notary, elected as high judge. You are hereby cordially invited to have a seat on the jury and help us find the murderer. The session will be accompanied by a three-course dinner.

Please join us on Monday May 30th, at 17:30, in Villa van Schaeck, Van Schaeck Mathonsingel 10, 6512 AP Nijmegen. Only members may join. The dinner will cost €3,50. The dress code is “as chic as you want”.

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May Lady Moutôn rest in peace.
Sincerely yours,

Valérie Scampié

Murder Mystery Dinner, where you try to find out which of the 5 suspects did the murder, and between rounds get a 3-course dinner.

Monday May 30th, at 17:30

Villa van Schaeck, Van Schaeck Mathonsingel 10, 6512 AP Nijmegen.

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“As chic as you want”


Monday 30 May, 2022


17:30 - 21:00