Let’s watch Vegan 2020

2021 has come, somehow 12 months have passed by. 2020 for sure broke our time perception and perhaps you’re wondering today. What even happened this year? Well, the new documentary ‘Vegan 2020’ can give you a recap of what 2020 looked like for veganism.


The documentary is a part of yearly recaps, released by Plant Based New will be covering the good and the bad. It’s less than an hour long so if you want to watch it with your vegan buds on a Sunday night,17th of January at 19:30, then feel free to join! The event will be hosted through Jitsi, which has a function that allows us to watch the documentary, which is on youtube, together. No browser extensions or netflix needed!


Have more than an hour? Then join the post documentary discussion! The Educational Committee hopes to see you there!



We’ll be watching the documentary “Vegan 2020” and have a discussion about it after.


Where? ?

Online: We’ll meet on Jitsi https://meet.jit.si/VSADocu17jan 

and through Jitsi we’ll watch the documentary.


When? ⏰

Sunday, the 17th of January at 19:30


Sunday 17 January, 2021


19:30 - 21:00