Lecture: ‘The end of Meat’ by Tobias Leenaert

On Thursday 20 April Tobias Leenaert will come to Nijmegen to give a lecture about animal ethics! Tobias Leenaert has been lecturing on veganism for several decades. In this talk, he takes a closer look at the issue of animal welfare in our society and explains why it is one of the most important moral issues of our time. In addition, he will discuss what needs to be done in order to solve this matter. This will be coupled with concepts from Effective Altruism.

Tobias Leenaert is the author of How to Create a Vegan World: a Pragmatic Approach and blogs at www.veganstrategist.org. He is a longtime speaker and strategist, giving talks and trainings all over the world. He is also co-founder of ProVeg International, a food awareness organization working with a broad range of parties – from decision makers to the general public – to transform the global food system. Tobias is keen on thinking out of the box, building bridges between different groups, and practicing what he calls ‘slow opinion’.

This lecture is organised together with Effective Altruism Nijmegen. The lecture will last approximately 45 minutes. After the lecture, there will be room for questions during a 30 minute Q&A session. You don’t have to sign up, hope to see you there!

Thursday 20 April, 19:30 – 21:00

EOS N 01.630 (Elinor Ostrom Building, Heyendaalseweg 141)

? WHO:
Open to everyone!

If there is anything we can do to make this event more accessible for you, please send an email to info@vsa-nijmegen.nl. You can also use that email address for any other questions!


Thursday 20 April, 2023


19:30 - 21:00