Introduction Kahoot Game Night

It’s much more difficult to get to know people during lockdown. Since we cannot get together physically, the SocCom wants to organize a quiz night. And not just any quiz… but a quiz about the nicest people we know, namely YOU!


Fill in this questionnaire ( and we will make an awesome kahoot quiz out of the answers. During the kahoot, you will then guess who gave that answer. Let’s see who can guess the most answers correctly!


The questionnaire needs to be filled in before February 28th, and the Kahoot will be on March 5th, at 20:00.


Whether you barely know any VSA members yet, or want to get to know your best friends even better, join us for a fun get-to-know-each-other Kahoot!


Bonus: Everyone who joins the event gets €1,- to buy snacks for during the kahoot!



✍️ Sign-up:


? When:

Friday March 5th at 20:00


?️ Where


Hope to see you all there!



Friday 5 March, 2021