General Assembly [members only]

The new board year of VSA Nijmegen is arriving quickly!
?Make sure to be a part of the exciting start of the new year by joining the General Assembly!
✨All of our members, old and new are welcome to help decide the course of the next year. Especially if you are new to our association, this is a great head start to get to know the ins and outs.
? By attending the General Assembly you make sure you:
– vote on a number of important issues related to the future direction of the association
– vote for the board of the next year
– learn what is happening behind the scenes of the association
❗ To sign-up for the General Assembly, make sure to send an email to our secretary:
PS: If you cannot make it to the General Assembly, but want to cast your vote on any of the proposals, you can appoint another member to vote in your place. You can arrange this by responding to this email and let us know who will represent you.


Tuesday 15 September, 2020


19:00 - 21:00