Easter Potluck

Ever felt left out when people decide to paint eggshells for Easter? Well then we have a solution for you! This Easter, in your local bedroom, study or living room, you’ll be able to attend this one-of-a-kind event! 

Paint-along, we’ll paint an object (of your choosing. Possible options are: potatoes, rocks, bananas, mugs, a canvas etc.). During the paint-along, you can paint what you want. If you’re painting a blank on what to create, feel free to ask others for ideas!

During the event, we will also make time for people to show off their Easter dishes, and, ofcourse, their Easter drinks! So, if you were hoping for an Easter potluck, then feel free to show off what you would’ve brought along!

If you don’t have painting supplies, you can send a message in the VSA WhatsApp group, to see if we can pair you up with another painting enthusiast!


Easter Paint-along with fellow painting and food enthusiasts!


? Where:


And / or the home of a fellow VSA member


? When: 

April 5th at 18:30


Any questions or comments? Send us a message through messenger.


Hope to see you there!



Monday 5 April, 2021