Docunight Gamechangers

Third time’s a charm. Educom is organizing another great documentary night! This one should especially be interesting for those seeking to build muscle, or improve their athletic performance on a plant based diet. Yes that’s right, we’re watching The Game Changers baby! If you are not yet familiar with the title, The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary covering success stories of athletes on a plant based diet, backed with scientific studies. However since it’s release it has also been criticized by some.
Will it be a game changer? Or a biased vegan propaganda? Join to find out Wednesday the 10th of February at 19:30, where we will first be watching the documentary, and discussing its contents afterwards.
We’ll be watching Game Changers and have a discussion about it after.
Where? ?Online: We’ll meet on Jitsi first ( and through Jitsi we’ll share the Teleparty(Netflix Party) link
When? ⏰Wednesday 10 February 19:30
You’ll need Netflix for this event and you’ll have to download the Teleparty(Netflix Party) extension to your browser. This is free and safe to do.


Wednesday 10 February, 2021