Documentary and Discussion Night 2

❌Are you also sick of the media suggesting how hopeless the situation around climate change is? That our fate is condemned and that the way we live our lives will ultimately lead to the complete destruction of our ecosystem?

🌿For the second edition of our Educational Committee documentary nights, we will stream “Kiss the Ground”, a documentary on Netflix portraying concrete solutions to overcome the challenges posed by climate change. They show how agriculture can be done sustainably, preventing green house effects and loss of biodiversity. Look forward also to a subsequent round of discussion in which we reflect on our impressions and open questions.

🙌Join on December 3 and be inspired!
We meet at 19:30 via Jitsi. Grab a hot chocolate, get cozy on your couch or bed and get ready to become an even more well-informed environmentalist. See you there!

We’ll be watching the documentary “Kiss the Ground” and have a discussion about it after.

Where? 💻
Online: We’ll meet on Jitsi first (/ and through Jitsi we’ll share the Teleparty(Netflix Party) link

When? ⏰
Thursday 3 December 19:30

You’ll need Netflix for this event and you’ll have to download the Teleparty(Netflix Party) extension to your browser. This is free and safe to do.


Thursday 3 December, 2020


19:30 - 22:00