Culinary Challenge

Are you ready to face a true culinary challenge on november 22nd? 

Then join our cooking challenge and create a dish with at least 10 of the ingredients we selected! 

You will receive the list of ingredients the evening before the event. You will have 24 hours, so the entire sunday to create your dish. To make it a bit harder: You have to use at least one ingredient from each of the 3 categories we selected. If you want you can post a photo of the final result to let everybody else  see what you came up with, feel free to tag VSA Nijmegen. Let’s show the world how creative we are 🙂


What? 🔪

Cooking challenge. Let out your inner chef!


Where? 🏠

In your own kitchen


When? 🗓️

Signup and receive the ingredient list on saturday 21 November. Cook and post your dish on sunday 22 November!


Sunday 22 November, 2020


All Day