Communication lecture

The holiday season is approaching which for some means going home to your families. Dealing with family members around the dinner table often means dealing with people who do not follow the same diet as you are. We all know what big of a struggle that can be. It seems like your mere presence leads to conversations about diet and justification attempts from those not in agreement with you.

We get that struggle!

The educational committee would like to support you on the quest to have a harmonious holiday season together with your loved ones. Therefore, we are organising an interactive lecture on communication for you.

About the speakers:

We are honoured that prof. dr. Vonk offered to give a lecture on communication for us. Roos Vonk is professor of social psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, author and motivational speaker. Outside of academia she strives to make her scientific knowledge more accessible to the general public.
She describes herself as an idealist who highly values people, animals and nature personally as well as professionally.
At the RU she teaches e.g. in the Master’s programme in Behavioural Change. One of her manifold topics there is for example influencing and changing behaviour, particularly on moral issues such as climate and animal welfare and how to overcome the resistance, those attempts to influence can provoke in people.

We therefore hope her expertise is of great benefit to you!

But that’s not all 😀 She will bring along one of her students.

Maike Weiper is currently a first-year student of the behavioural science master’s programme at the Radboud University. She wrote her Bachelor thesis under the supervision of Roos Vonk on communication strategies to enhance open-mindedness towards meat-refusers. The research is at this moment in the process of hopefully getting published and Maike and Roos are already conducting follow-up research on the outcomes of Maike’s thesis.

The lecture will be split up in two parts. First Roos Vonk will give a more general lecture on communication and afterwards Maike will present her research. There will also be a lot of room for questions and discussion from you.

If that sounds interesting to you, we hope to see you on Jitsi for the lecture.

10th December 2020
18:00- aprox. 20:00

On jitsi
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Thursday 10 December, 2020


18:00 - 20:00