the educational committee presents the first vsa book club wednesdau september 23rd at 19:30

Book Club

📖 Welcome to the first edition of the VSA Book Club! 📖
For its first edition we will read a paper that was the foundation for one of the bigger books in philosophy in the 20th century. Peter Singer is one of the key players in animal ethics. He was the one to write ‘Animal Liberation’ and introduced the term speciesism to a big audience. Since then, many have responded to Singer praising his contributions to animal ethics, although his theory also has his flaws and criticisms.

This book club meeting will be hosted by member Elena, who is a philosophy student and has a great interest in ethics, especially animal ethics.

❗ For this meeting, please read the 10-page paper and try to answer some of the reading questions that are provided in this link:
Make sure to set yourself on ‘Going’ to inform us if you’re attending the book club.

• • • FAQ • • •
[1] Do you have to know anything about philosophy?
No! The literature for this meeting is accessible to everyone who is interested in animal ethics. The text is at introduction level.

[2] How long does it take to read the text?
The text is 10 pages long. Please consider taking 1-2 hours to read the text.

[3] Help! I don’t understand something mentioned in the text!
No problem, write down what you don’t understand and we’ll discuss it in the meeting. That is also what the book club is for, so you’re doing great!


Wednesday 23 September, 2020




Cafe het Haantje
Daalseweg 19, Nijmegen