Book Club with Amnesty International [Members +1]

Many people think that veganism is only about animal rights. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it is closely intertwined with human rights as well. Not only animals are being exploited in the animal agriculture industry. The article we’ll be covering at the second edition of the VSA Bookclub will expose how.

After our first successful book club, in which we discussed a paper by Peter Singer, the VSA will organize a second book club this time with Amnesty International (AISN)!

During the meeting we will discuss a text from Der Spiegel international which covers slaughterhouses in Germany. This text combines animal welfare, working conditions, migration and the effects of corona on it all. Together with the members from AISN we will have a fruitful discussion about these topics.

The meeting will be hosted online through jitsi on the 25th. For this meeting please read the text in advance.


Discussing the text from der Spiegel International with Amnesty International

Where? ?
Online: We’ll meet on Jitsi at

When? ⏰
25th of January at 19:00PM

You’ll have to have read the following text in order to participate:


Monday 25 January, 2021


19:00 - 20:30