Board Dinner AMA

Hey everyone!

Friday May 7th we will have an AMA board dinner starting at 18:00! During this event, we will have dinner in a small group and talk about what being in the board is like.

There are three ways you can join the event:

1. You go to the home of a board member, you cook together and have dinner together. This might be a group of two or three people. You do not need to pay yourself for the meal, but you do need to travel to Nijmegen as that is where our boardmembers live.

2. You meet outside with a small group including a board member. You get takeout together and have a €2,50 refund on your meal. This option will be “with reservation” based on the weather. The location of this option is the most flexible, but preferably in (or near) Nijmegen.

3. You join the online group with a board member, where you cook individually and can chat and have dinner together from behind your screen. You get refunded €2,50 on your shopping for this dinner.

Regardless of the option you choose, afterwards we will all come together in a group call to have a small after-dinner chat.

You can sign up until Wednesday May 5th 23:59, because the board needs to do some logistics based on the sign ups. You will hear on Thursday how, where and with whom you will have dinner.

Sign up here: 

We hope to see many of you!
The 2nd board ??

Are you not available to join, but still interested in knowing more about doing a board year? Then join one of our other orientation events:

Zoom information session: Sunday May 16th, 20:30
Open board meeting: Monday May 17th, 19:30

Or send a private message to Sieben 🙂



Friday 7 May, 2021