because of the weather the past days beach hangout has been relocated de achtertuin Winselingseweg 43 in Nijmegen 14:00 - 20:00

Beach Hangout Update

Hey everyone! ? As expected we now announce our alternative location for our beach hangout. We will have our hangout at Cafe De Achtertuin at Winselingseweg 43 in Nijmegen! ?

We will be there from 14:00 until at least 20:00 to welcome interested, new of current members ☺️ We have some card and dice games and cookies with us if anyone is interested ? and we will be recognisable by our logo ?

We hope to see you all today!


Saturday 29 August, 2020


13:55 - 20:00


De Achtertuin
Winselingseweg 43, Nijmegen