Around the World Potluck

Hey everyone! It’s time to get back together at another potluck, this time with a special theme awaiting you: Around the world! If you want to, you can bring a dish from any country around the world (but don’t worry, random fusion is also still allowed). We hope you feel invited to try and cook awesome vegan food from all over the world!

We will now be working with an allergens list: if you have an allergy or intolerance, add one to the counter, or add a new row to the spreadsheet if your allergy or intolerance is not listed (no need to share your name). If you are unsure what to make, you can take some of our allergic friends into account! And if you make an allergen-free dish, you can also make that clear in the sheet!

Here is the link to the allergens list:

Let’s enjoy a wide variety of international dishes together, see you on Friday the 25th!

Friday March 25th, from 17:30 walk-in, dinner starts 18:00.

Huygens canteen (Heyendaalseweg 135)

??‍♀️ WHO?
Open to everyone, so bring your friends!

No, if you have an allergy or intolerance, check out the new allergens sheet!

A plate and cutlery, including a serving spoon for your dish. Also, someone might bring drinks, so bring a reusable cup if you can!


Friday 25 March, 2022