VEGTalk: Round 2

After the great success of the first VEGTalk, Educom will be hosting another one!✨📗
VEGTalk is an event where we provide a stage for members of the VSA who wrote their thesis on a topic that relates to the values of the association (e.g. animal rights, environment, inclusivity, etc.). So if you’re up to learn something new, or find inspiration for your own thesis, grab some snacks and listen up!
On Tuesday the 8th of June from 19:00 till 20:30 we’ll have three presentations:
The first speaker will be Pleun. His essay is titled “Animal testing from a neuroscientific perspective”. In an essay for the course Neurophilosophy Pleun argued that any form of animal testing in neuroscience is unethical. In this presentation he will try to give you some information on the neuroscientific research into animal consciousness.
The second speaker is Steven. He will be talking about Eugenics in California during the 20th century. At that time California was the leading state when it came to Eugenics. In his research Steven focussed on the forced sterilization of the feeble minded, who they were and why they were targeted.
And the last presentation from Julia Esser. Because of the rising numbers of anxiety and depression in students since the pandemic started, Julia investigated which psychological factors play into this. From a sample of students from countries all over the world, she found that two factors play a significant role: loneliness and self-efficacy.
So, are you excited yet? Hope to see you there! Please sign up at:
An educational event organized by Educom, giving a platform to our fellow members to talk about their thesis.
Tuesday June 8 at 19:00-20:30
Zoom Link will be sent through email and whatsapp the day of 🙂


Tuesday 8 June, 2021


19:00 - 21:00