Meat the Opposition

Educom hereby presents the next round of their documentary nights. This time, it will get very spicy. As the title might suggest, we want to deal with the opposite side of veganism. What arguments do pro-meat proclaimers have and what can we say against these? For this, we will look at a TEDtalk of someone arguing that cows can in fact save the world. We will stop the talk in between and look deeper into the arguments the speaker makes. In the end, as usual, there will be a discussion round. 

With this event, we aim to help vegans and people interested in veganism to dismantle seemingly logical arguments made by omnivorous people and anti-vegans.

Come and join us on March 30th at 20:00 on Jitsi. See you there!



Listening to and dismantling the arguments of a pro meat advocate. 



March 30th at 20:00



Online, on jitsi using this link:



Tuesday 30 March, 2021


20:00 - 21:30