Holiday Mini Potluck

The days are getting shorter en the weather is getting colder, which means that Christmas is coming. So logically, it’s time for a holiday potluck! But it’s gonna look a little different. Because of COVID-safety, we’re gonna have a bunch of minipotlucks at peoples houses. In the sign-up sheet, you can let us know if you wanna host. In that case, three people will come to your house and the four of you will have a small potluck. If you cannot or don’t want to host, you’ll be one of those three! We’ll provide you with some suggestions for games that’ll break the ice.

Make sure you’ve signed up by the 13th (2 days before the event), because that’s when we’ll make the groups. We will put you in a whatsapp groupchat, so the host can share their address, you can coordinate your planned dishes (so you have some variety), people can share any allergies and you can discuss other relevant information.

Keep in mind that even in peoples houses, COVID-restrictions are still in effect, for all of our safety. So, we urge you to keep distance as much as possible and take an at-home self test beforehand.


At the house of your host; the address will be shared by them.

Wednesday the 15th of December, 18:00

Open to everyone


Wednesday 15 December, 2021