Cooking Challenge

Are you ready to face a true culinary challenge on the weekend of February 6th and 7th?

Join our Cooking Challenge and create a dish using the rules of the challenge. You will receive them on the evening of February 5th, so you will have two days to do the shopping and the cooking. Before this, you will get to pick up a mystery ingredient and some products by So Fine at Paul’s.

There will be a WhatsApp for participants to share ideas, epic fails, and of course delicious results. The Catering Committee will choose a winner who created the tastiest looking recipe and they will win a grand prize*.

The rules of the challenge will be flexible enough that everyone with allergies, people on a budget or those with small kitchens can still join and have fun.

*When we say grand prize, we probably mean something small and insignificant: don’t expect to become a millionaire.


When: 6th and 7th of February

Where: At your own home / Online

What do you need to participate:

-a mystery veggie and a So Fine product

Deadline for signing up: the 4th of February 23:59




Saturday - Sunday 6 - 7 February, 2021