Christmas Cookie Challenge

Are you ready to face a true christmas cookie challenge from Thursday the 16th of december until the 23th of December? The basic ingredients for the cookies will be provided for free and you can pick them up on the 16th or 17th of December (check the time later in the sign up sheet). You can be paired up with another VSA-member or you can bake the cookies on your own (or with your friend/housemate/dad/mum/bunny, but only you will get the ingredients for free). There will be a WhatsApp for participants to share ideas, epic fails, and of course delicious results. The Catering Committee will choose a winner who created the most festive looking recipe and they will win a grand prize*.

*When we say grand prize, we probably mean something small: don’t expect to become a millionaire.

Members + 1

16 or 17 december to pick up the ingredients at the Refter (Radboud)
From 16 until 23 december to make the cookies!

Online and at home with another member.

What do you need to participate?
– The ingredients that you can pick up
– Access to a kitchen with an oven
– Baking tray
– Box for when you pick up the ingredients



Thursday - Thursday 16 - 23 December, 2021


All Day