Among Us night

Hello all! With the cold weather sweeping across our tiny town we thought it might be nice to host an event that we can enjoy from the comfort of our own cosy homes! And in preparation of the holiday spirit, what better game is there to play to bolster our camaraderie than some good ol’ fashioned among usඞ

Among us is an intergalactic game of treachery in which one imposter aims to incapacitate the other players whilst trying to hide their murderous intents from them. It is the other players job to find out who the imposter is and promptly end their murder spree.

The event will take place on the 20th of December and it will start at 20:00. The game costs €3,99 on pc but you can also download the game for free on mobile and join us that way. Please note that if you are so inclined you are absolutely free to meet up with other VSA members to join us online from the same location.

December 20th, 20:00.

Your own home

€3,99 if you want to buy the game for pc Free if you want to play from your mobile phone

Open event


Monday 20 December, 2021