Board Vacancies

Vsa Nijmegen is looking for board members for the year 2022-2023!

Do you want to: spread veganism on campus? Learn to run an association? Build and keep a vegan community on campus? Then this may be a job for you!

The VSA Nijmegen wants to bring together students of both the Radboud University and the HAN who either support, follow or are curious about the vegan lifestyle; to be a place where you can meet like-minded people through fun and educational activities; to educate others and each other about the importance of veganism; to not only make it easier for students to become vegan, but also to stay vegan.

What does the association offer you? 🎁

  • Stand for veganism: as a board member of the vegan student association, you stand for veganism, animal rights, and sustainability;
  • Grow useful skills: through your work as board member, you will develop skills in leading, organising and communication;
  • Grow your network: your work on the board will put you in touch with many different vegan companies, brands, organisations, and inspiring people;
  • Spice up your CV: your experience as a board member is an excellent way to make your CV stand out;
  • Receive some compensation for your work: as a board member for the VSA, you can ask some money for your work (board months) from the Radboud University as well as the HAN, the amount depends on various factors;
  • Have a good time: being a board member can be hard work sometimes, but above all it is also a lot of fun.

What are we looking for? 🔍

  • You have a passion for veganism and agree with the rest of our core values;
  • You are able to spend 8-12 hours a week to running the association;
  • You can feel a sense of responsibility for the association and can take an active attitude towards problem solving;
  • You can voice your own opinions clearly during board meetings, but are also able to really listen to others, handle feedback and are open to learning;
  • You can express yourself in English, both spoken and written;
  • You are motivated to learn and grow.

What are the specific roles a successful board needs? 👩‍💼

  • The president ensures board meetings run smoothly: they are also the face of the association, both to members and to external relations;
  • The secretary is responsible for internal communication: they send out news messages to our members and they write the minutes for board meetings;
  • The treasurer (penningmeester) is responsible for finances (the money): they make budgets, keep the books and do our payments;
  • Other tasks are divided amongst these positions, or shared with additional general board members; they are divided up into porfolios (see below),
  • The vice-president supports the president in their tasks and is their backup.

VSA Nijmegen welcomes and values different kind of people, backgrounds and viewpoints, within the values of the association. Everyone who applies has an equal chance to come in the board. We do not look at your ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, physical and mental ability, age, or socio-economic status. We only look at your motivation and skills.

What Task portfolios are available? 💼

Next to the structural roles of (vice)president, secretary & treasurer, a number of tasks specific to our association come up that can be grouped into portfolios. You may be interested in one or more of these and can mention this in your application; as with the roles the final division will happen when there is a complete candidate board.

You are the liaison between VSA Nijmegen and Animal Save Arnhem & Nijmegen. If it should come up, you also organize collaborations with other legal animal rights activism organizations. You inform yourself and others about (non)-speciesist language. You look into questions about ethical veganism in things the association does (e.g. collaborations, partnerships).

You represent VSA Nijmegen at the Radboud Green Parties Campus meetings. You inform yourself and inform others about real sustainability (so not greenwashing). You look into questions about sustainability in things the association does.

You know and/or will learn about how oppression works and what veganism has to do with other social justice questions. You go to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity ambassador group training sessions organised by the RU. You update the VSA Nijmegen DEI Plan. You make sure communications as well as activities are inclusive. 

You put into practice the Social Media plan (which you help shape at the beginning of next academic year together with the current board). You are responsible for VSAs communications on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. You work with the Media Committee to create content and can assign tasks to others, but remain end-responsible. You are responsible for event & discount promotion.

You manage contact of the committees with the board. You answer questions and react to concerns. You organize & chair the monthly committee chair meetings. You help committees do as many things independent of the board as possible.

You know and/or want to learn (there will be several guides by VSA NL) ways to make sure the information we collect from members/people that attend events stays safe; that we tell people who gets to see their data, when it gets deleted etc, and then make sure we actually do what we say. 

Every two weeks you write and send out the newsletter. Sometimes you might have to translate texts from Dutch to English. For the type of content that goes into the newsletter you can look at previous ones we sent, but you can also influence what it should contain in the future if you have ideas of your own.

You are in contact with the VSA NL board member who is the contact person for VSA Nijmegen. You put VSA NL things on the agenda, make sure we read documents for GAs on time, and handle incoming offers for collaboration that VSA NL arranges.


If you have any of the qualities we’re looking for and feel enthusiastic about a board position, please feel welcome to apply*! You can do so by sending an email to Romé, chair of the Selection Committee, at, with a motivation letter and your CV before Friday July 1st 23:59.

In your motivation letter you can describe why veganism is important for you, why you want to be on the board of VSA, what your ambitions are for next year and why you think you are qualified to be on the board. Please also indicate in the letter what role you would like to have on the board, which portfolios you would like to responsible for, and how much time you think you will have available for board work next year.

The selection committee aims to hold personal interviews with applicants within 5 days of receiving their application. After that, there will also be a (fun!) group assignment with all applicants. We ask applicants to keep Sunday July 10th in the afternoon and Tuesday July 12th in the evening blocked in their agenda to participate in this.

If you want more information first, you can also email the board with your questions. The board will set up a video call to talk about the possibilities. Make sure to keep an eye on social media to get additional information about specific board positions. After the board has had talks with all applicants, they will select a number of candidates and present them to the general assembly (early September), where the members of the association get to vote on the board members.

We eagerly await your application! 💚

*We legally have to mention that by applying for the board, you agree with a background check (‘antecedentenonderzoek’), by which we mean we might have a look at your social media accounts for instance. If you have any questions about this, please contact Romé for more information.