About VSA Nijmegen

“Veganism is a way of living which – as far as practically possible – avoids all exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or other purposes.”
– The Vegan Society

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring together students of both the Radboud University and the HAN who either support, follow or are curious about the vegan lifestyle; to be a place where you can meet like-minded people through fun and educational activities; to educate others and each other about the importance of veganism; to not only make it easier for students to become vegan, but also to stay vegan.

Our History

March 22nd 2018, a few vegan students of the Radboud University who had became increasingly dissatisfied with the meager plant-based food options on campus found each other online and decided to get organized.

After making plans during the summer, on September 19th 2018 this group of students hosted its first vegan potluck on campus. It was a smash hit and monthly potlucks followed.

When on February 18th 2019 news broke of the first Vegan Student Association in Groningen being founded, this was incentive to take the Nijmegen initiative to the next level. On August 15th 2019, VSA Nijmegen was officially founded as the second vegan student association in the Netherlands.

Since December 1st 2019, all Dutch vegan student associations have been united in the VSA Netherlands collective, of which VSA Nijmegen is a proud founding member.

Our Values

Our key values reflect what VSA Nijmegen believes in: 

  • Animal Ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusivity
  • Independence
  • Legality
  • Non-Violence
  • Reliable Sources
  • Responsible Alcohol and Drug Use

You can read the full shared mission and value statement of all vegan student associations in the Netherlands here.


Vegan Student Association Nijmegen is registered at the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) under KvK registration number 75602342.

Our bank account details are:
IBAN: NL11 SNSB 0785 7837 68
Name: VSA Nijmegen

The rules that govern our association are recorded in our statutes and our bylaws.